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    Converse Jack Purcell x Hancock


    There are and there always will be silhouettes that are eternal, no matter what. Even if that lame feeling of nostalgia is put aside, thing is everyone knows you can’t really beat a classic. Enter the Converse Jack Purcell x Hancock, the second installment of the collaboration between the American brand and the lifestyle label.


    One of the results of the joint project are the two new and fresh colourways of the Jack Purcell: Black and Military Green. The definitive sports model comes with Hancock’s very unique Siphonia Elastica graphic rubber plant print in the sneakers’ sock liner, a canvas water repellent upper, and details such as the custom topped eyelet in mastic gray. This is a quickstrike edition, presented with a special packaging and a one of kind deluxe retro look.


    The Converse Jack Purcell x Hancock will be available on December 19th.


    In a world where movement and velocity are the most constant elements, it is encouraging to know that other forms of reality can be absolutely translated. The world of Kevin Lyons helps us to see some other visual structures and dimensions. An artistic mind, creative director, designer and illustrator, Mr. Lyons has made of his project with G-Shock one of his latest collaborative efforts.


    The G-SHOCK GB5600B-K8 aims to project on a material object a unique concept created by the American artist and the Japanese brand. The progressive path of time and the inevitability of constant connection are the two main ideas that come to be with the GB5600B-K8. Creative toughness and an individual ubiquitous need collide within a timepiece that offers Bluetooth connectivity, and other much needed features.


     The new G-SHOCK GB5600B-K8 is set to be available on December 17th. Get to know our G-Shock selection.







    Happy Birthday Mr. Stan Smith


    Allike Store

    Celebrate the grand tennis player with the very special sneaker

    25% discount all adidas Originals | 14.12.14


    It was on December 14th, 1946 that the legend begun. Born Stanley Roger Smith, in Pasadena, California, Mr. Stan Smith is one of the best tennis players of all time. After playing collegiate during his early twenties, Mr. Smith naturally became a professional player in 1972. A former World number 1, winner of the 1971 US Open and of Wimbledon in 1972, Stan Smith was a grand tennis player, and he is also the man who gave the signature to one of the greatest sneaker models in history.

    It was in 1973 that the first “official” Stan Smith was released. Years later, everyone had had a pair, or if not, at least everybody remembers someone who had a pair of the originals. Ever since that first drop, and during the following decades, whole generations of sports lovers, style aficionados, and other exotic supporters  chose that model, that one and only, because it is clean, because it is essential, because it is enduring.

    At Allike, we decided to celebrate the anniversary of Mr. Stan Smith in a unique way.


    Mark the date: 14.12.14 – 25% discount offer all adidas Originals products.


    Pete Williams

    Raised by Wolves is one of the most disruptive labels around. A powerful branding, strong graphics, and a fully fledged consistent track within the business are just a small part of their view. From the early days, when it was all about a t-shirt, to the present and future, creating full concept collections and diving into collaborations, Raised by Wolves is all that and much more.

    Pete Williams is the original mind behind the brand. Ever since 2003, when he first started to get involved with the streetwear world, to this day and age, as the Editor-in-Chief at Highsnobiety and founder of Raised by Wolves, his mission continues to be to inspire people. We talked with Pete about the brand, the streetwear business, reality and inspiration.


    How did Raised by Wolves come to be?

    Growing up skateboarding and snowboarding - a friend and I had the idea to start a clothing brand. We initially launched the first version around 2003 amongst our friends. It had a different name and just 1 logo tee... But it was fun and we gained a lot of recognition in the local scene, however, we really didn't know where to take it. After several years of observing the industry and thinking of new names and deciding on a direction we officially came back to the market in 2008 as Raised by Wolves with some graphic tees and made in Canada beanies.

    Just how would you define the brand, both in terms of aesthetics and creative/social statement?

    Aesthetically we draw inspiration from a number of places. A lot of it comes from the 90s/early 2000s skate and snowboard gear we grew up wearing, mixed with classic sports looks, a bit of Canadian heritage and a commitment to quality. Creatively/socially I would say we are looking to inspire people to follow their own path. It doesn't matter where you come from or where you are: start with what you have and go for it.

    Can you share with us about the whole creative process that precedes the launch of a new collection?

    Very, very hectic.

    In late August 2013, in an editorial at Highsnobiety you commented that there are plenty of brands that don’t make it out there because of some lack of organization – how difficult is it still to handle that balance, between being creative and dealing with the books, the reality?

    Yes, I think this is very true and something we still struggle with on many levels. I think the important thing is taking the step to realize you can let go of some of the control and instead of trying to do everything yourself, invest in people who can do certain things for you - shipping, accounting, etc. Taking that step to free up the time needed to be creative and focus on the brand itself is important.

    What really determines the success of a brand, the message, the time and the occasion?

    The one constant in my opinion is someone or a group of people with a strong vision. That and being able to push that vision/message at a time when the market wants it or is ready for it.

    Raised by Wolves recently collaborated with Publish – how did that come up?

    I met the guys from Publish years ago when they first launched the brand and we've stayed in touch ever since. We've been mutual fans of each other’s work over the years... And it all came together recently.


    You have a strong connection with the world of streetwear, ever since it started to really emerge to the global media arena – what are the major differences between then and now?

    Yes, personally, I have been working on the media side of streetwear since 2005. Back then it was super scrappy, mainly just graphic tees... Not that far off from skate in my view, at least on the North American side. Since then it has grown and evolved and made its way onto the runways. There are still people just printing graphic tees on blanks, of course, but streetwear means so many things now and comes in so many forms. I guess the biggest difference is that the term is no longer restricted to a specific look. Also, tiny guys have become major players and past major players have disappeared. The landscape is always changing.

    Finally, how do you foresee the future, regarding Raised by Wolves, and also the whole world of streetwear and the business surrounding it?

    For Raised by Wolves... We have a few special projects in the works, including our first footwear collab, which is exciting. In terms of the world of streetwear and the business surrounding it... I think the only constant is change. I do feel as our generation takes center stage, our style and general outlook is becoming more and more accepted, so in that sense the business will keep growing and new niches with continue to emerge.



    Discover our Raised by Wolves selection.


    Find out more about the brand at their official website



    Image credits: Rupert Lamontagne 


    adidas Originals Tubular ‘New Years Eve’ Pack

    ‘Progressive’ is a word that comes to mind when we first look at the new Tubular developed by adidas. This is an up to date version of a model that was first released during the 90s. Even if the last decade of the 20th century was all about technology and modernity (flashback to 1993 when the first web browser began surfing around) the fact is that the world seemed to find the Tubular ahead of its time.

    For this new take, adidas found a clear and stated inspiration in both the Y-3 collection and the ZX 7000 model. One of the recent iterations of the Tubular is this new ‘New Years Eve’ Pack. It features a neoprene upper combined with leather overlays and the familiar EVA outsole for even more comfort. The black, white and copper color composite reveal even more visual flamboyance.  The adidas Originals Tubular ‘New Years Eve’ Pack is set to be released on December 16th.  Find out more about the adidas Originals Tubular


    Asics Gel Lyte III 'Pure Pack'

    Posted in Sneaker By Allike Store

    Asics Gel Lyte III 'Pure Pack'

    adjective \ˈpyu̇r\

    : not mixed with anything else (...)

    in: Merriam-Webster


    Originally released in 1991, the Asics Gel Lyte III was created to offer an ultimate running experience. Little did everyone knew at that time that two decades after, that split tongue innovation and 'feather weight' silhouette would of course become one of the most enduring pieces of the Japanese brand.

    The new Asics Gel Lyte III 'Pure Pack' is precisely what the definition implies: a couple of clean and original takes on a superior silhouette.  The new versions come with a premium black upper complemented by compact mesh areas surrounding the Asics logo stripes. The 3M accents and the notable Gel cushioning system complete the mode.

    Find the Asics Gel Lyte III 'Pure Pack'  now online



    Saucony Originals x Penfield 60/40

    Saucony Originals and Penfield joined forces to create a distinct take on the Saucony Shadow Original. The idea was simple: to recreate the silhouette with a unique creative insight shared by the two brands.

    Combining leather, suede and the very special Penfield 60/40 cotton nylon fabric, known for being on some of the brand's most recognized pieces of outerwear, this is the Saucony Originals x Penfield 60/40 Pack.

    Presented with three different colorways, navy, olive and tan, and with additional details such as tonal suede, hiking boot lace loop and interchangeable laces, the Saucony Originals x Penfield is ready for the streets and the great outdoors.

    Check out additional info about Saucony Originals x Penfield 60/40 now online


    Gourmet Corridore Black/Cyan

    Posted in Sneaker By Allike Store

    Gourmet Footwear is duly recognized as a brand that challenges any categorization. Founded in the US, Gourmet offers products that portray the greater visual and aesthetic influence of Italian-American culture.

    The Corridore, a mid cut sneaker, was firstly designed to correspond and to better stand against the tests of trail. The upper comes with a seasonal offering of black ballistic nylon along with a suede and waterproof lining. Also featured is Gourmet’s unique ultra leggero technology, a lightweight compression molded eva foam that offers a simply great ride.

    The Gourmet Corridore is now available



    The Asics Gel-Lyte V first appeared in 1993. The third year into the 90s was also the one that saw the dissolution of Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, in the very properly designated ‘Velvet Divorce’.


    One of the most recent versions of the Gel Lyte V silhouette takes that accidental tone association into a whole new level. With a purple and soft grey mesh upper, orange accents, neoprene sock liner, and reflective 3M section details, this new Gel Lyte V is all about what really matters: performance and style, and also a lot of sports heritage.


    The Asics Gel-Lyte V ‘Gore-Tex’ (Purple / Soft Grey) is a limited edition that is now available

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